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by Vitacura

01/01 - 12/31

Discounts or free tickets for different community activities, such as Chilenidad Week, Chile Lindo, Talks, Conferences, Fairs, etc.

* To have access to these discounts and / or tickets, it is necessary to collect them at our offices when we have them and have the fees up to date.



Circle of Santiago

01/01 - 12/31

Free Pilgrim's Kit for each Camino de Santiago you do, discount on all activities carried out and / or delivery of free tickets to them.



Aqua Life

01/01 - 12/31

FITNESS (Crossfit, AcuaCircuit, Hydrotherapy, Aquaerobic, Midwifery, Hydro-gymnastics)

TRAINING (Babies, Training, Adult Swimming, School Swimming)

COMPETITION (Branch, Master, Branch Synchronized Swim, School Synchronized Swim)

20% Discount


Cultural Network

01/01 - 12/31

50% discount on talks and seminars (Reference value $ 16,000)

50% discount in the Arts and Humanities Program (Reference value per course $ 300,000).

50% Discount


Stellae Campus

01/01 - 12/31

Once you arrive in Santiago de Compostela, you will be entitled to the following discounts: Massages, Left luggage office, Free Wi-Fi, City Map, Guided Tours, Meeting room, Services and showers, Welcome (glass of wine and a tapa), Accommodation (from 15 euros with tea and coffee included).

From € 15

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